Tech Team Weekly is a Monday morning podcast bringing you the latest in UK technology news, and how it affects our product teams. It's presented by Sanjay Purswani (The Engineer), Gwen Diagram (The Manager) and Neil Studd (The Tester), bringing their varied experiences to give insight into breaking news stories. The show thrives on audience interaction, so please get in touch with your thoughts, comments and feedback!

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Latest Episode

Ep 14 - The Long Stand Up!


As promised, this week we're showcasing all of the parts of our working lives that we normally have to rush through. It's the first (and probably not the last) Stand-Up Special! Gwen shares some exciting professional developments and hopes for 2022, while recovering from a sourdough-inflicted ailment. Sanj (or Super-Sanj as he is now known after his boosters) finally spends some time in the testing and documentation camp. And Neil finally shares his big news, though gets significantly distracted by ranting about his Pixel 6 annoyances. Plus, all three hosts reach quick agreement on their least favourite household appliance.

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