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Ep 9 - 4-Day Work Weeks!


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01:36 The Stand-Up
07:26 Social Engineering
11:49 This Week's Epic
28:05 News Bytes
35:06 The Wash Up

Is the idea of a four-day working week too good to be true? Is it all just spin and wishful thinking? Atlassian have crunched the numbers by having a team run a nine-week experiment over the summer, and their results make for interesting reading. We'll be recapping what they uncovered, and compare it with our own experiences (past and hopeful future) to see whether it may lead to happier workers and a surprising uptick in productivity.

It's another surprisingly tightly paced episode, especially considering the number of random diversions this week, involving deep dives on topics as far-reaching as bidets, spiders, wasps, and 2024 US Presidential Election predictions. (Although nobody notices Neil's Paw Patrol mug.)


Hornminster Edge Services

Ministry of Testing - Test.bash(); 2021 (Thursday 28th October)

YouTube: Postman livestream archive: A Busy Developer's Guide To Testing

Atlassian: The data doesn't lie: what we learned when we tried a 4-day workweek

Wikipedia: Parkinson's Law

YouTube: Atlassian: The 4-day workweek experiment

GOV.UK: New ten-year plan to make the UK a global AI superpower

BBC News: Trump to launch new social media platform TRUTH Social

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