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Ep 10 - Are Stand Ups Dead!?


00:00 Start
01:05 The Stand-Up
07:34 Social Engineering
11:40 This Week's Epic
30:28 News Bytes
38:20 The Wash Up

First, there was the stand-up. Then, we remotely discovered the asynchronous catch-up. But is there something better? This week, we discuss the blog post from Honeycomb about their "meandering team sync", designed to decrease frustrations, improve team bonding, and set themselves up for a productive day.

In this week's distractions, Neil gets embroiled in a small-scale GDPR breach, Sanj adapts to working life, and Gwen wants tips for surviving an eight-hour meeting.

Sometimes we're not sure whether or not to flag an episode as explicit, but this week Gwen has purchased a rad new office chair, so I think you can guess whether or not there'll be any fruity material this time around.


Herman Miller: Mirra 2 Chairs

Ministry of Testing Cambridge virtual meetup: How Testers Can Shape The Next Normal (25th November)

YouTube: Pixel 6 Magic Eraser Demo

Honeycomb blog: Stand-up Meetings Are Dead (and What To Do Instead)

Twitter: Owl Trousers

YouTube: Stephanie Ockerman: The Daily Scrum Is NOT a Status Meeting

Coding Font

Retool: How I Created a Coding Font Game with Low Code

Vice: Zuckerberg Announces Fantasy World Where Facebook Is Not a Horrible Company

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