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Ep 15 - Season Finale: The Retro!


00:00 Start
01:19 The Stand-Up
07:08 Social Engineering
11:27 The Retro
26:52 Secret Santa
34:08 The Wash-Up

It's the end of our first season, so Gwen, Sanj and Neil are having a podcast retrospective. We chat about what's worked (and what hasn't), sharing some behind-the-scenes nuggets along the way, and propose some subtle but potentially exciting changes for season two, with Gwen deciding that we need a higher "threat level".

There's all of the usual stand-up discussions, this week featuring musicals, overpriced energy drinks, and rowdy pensioners. Plus, as 'tis the season, there's a six-way exchange of Secret Santa gifts which is sure to make this the best episode so far for ASMR fans.

We'll be back for season two on 24th January 2022! We wish you all the best for a peaceful festive season and new year, and we'll see you all again in the year which is sure to go down in history as "not as bad as the previous two".

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