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Ep 4 - Frustration and time-wasting on Slack!


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01:28 The Stand-Up
07:22 Social Engineering
13:22 This Week's Epic
24:48 News Bytes
43:24 Competition Time
47:34 The Wash-Up

On this week's episode, we focus on some of the bad habits that we've seen when using communication platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, and how we can help to adapt and prevent lost productivity. Plus one of us has job news, one of us is preparing for a return to the office, and another of us has automated their way to some prime cinema tickets!

Additionally we've got another Amazon voucher to give away, courtesy of the meal delivery service!


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Dick Smith's 1978 iceberg prank

InfoQ: Travis CI Vulnerability Potentially Leaked Customer Secrets

BBC News: Microsoft's passwordless plans lets users switch to app-based login

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